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mac80211 issues

This page lists the issues blocking zd1211rw moving to the mac80211 stack. Some of these may already be resolved, they just need to be checked.

TX disabling

In the softmac driver, we temporarily disable TX while updating preamble mode and basic rates. This is not possible to do in mac80211 at the moment.

Basic rates handling

In the softmac driver, we program the basic rates for RTS/CTS based on the association info. Need a similar system in mac80211.

Detailed error statistics

Ulrich has greatly improved the zd1211rw 802.11 error statistics. This code needs moving over to the mac80211 driver after figuring out how mac80211 does this.

Testing on ARM and SPARC64

We have happy ARM and SPARC64 users. To my knowledge, mac80211 has not been tested there.

  • However, we do test on powerpc and x86 so there's unlikely to be problems. Also, who's going to test mac80211 without a driver? IMHO this is a requirement that can't be solved. – JohannesBerg

Fixed issues

  • Regulatory domain control
  • Signal level reporting
  • Connectivity loss issues
  • monitor mode not showing all frames
  • monitor mode scanning oops
  • multicasting/IPv6
  • Barker preamble handling
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