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Marvell 802.11n SDIO/PCI-E/USB FullMAC driver.

Supported chipsets

  • SDIO SD8786/SD8787/SD8797/SD8897
  • PCI-E 8766/8897
  • USB USB8797

Firmware binary

The firmware can be obtained from firmware tree.

AP Mode

[…some content removed for relicensing…]

Due to radar presence many channels from 11a band are flagged as NO_IR i.e. do not initiate radiation.
cfg80211 by default puts device into world domain where all channels from 11a band are prohibited from transmission.
To enable specific channels from 11a band, driver needs to provide hint about current regulatory domain to cfg80211.This can be done by loading driver with regulatory alpha setting.
Load mwifiex driver with following setting to enable 11a band operations:

insmod mwifiex.ko reg_alpha2=<country-code>

P2P Mode

mwifiex supports P2P operation mode, but P2P interface must be created using

iw phy phy0 interface add p2p0 type __p2pcl

This interface can then be used with wpa_supplicant.

mwifiex driver does not support a separate interface for P2P device mode. Same interface which was used for P2P negotiation will later be used for P2P operations in GO or Client mode.
To avoid creation of separate interface after P2P negoation by wpa_supplicant, please include following setting in your P2P conf file


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