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This is a template for your driver page. To use this template either copy/paste its raw source code in full into the editor or select it below “Page templates” when creating a new page. Please delete these paragraphs and follow the editing instructions below, deleting them while going through.

driver name

write introductory paragraph here


Anything worth knowing up front? If not, delete this section. Examples could be “this usb device uses a lot of power” or such.

supported chips

If you distinguish between chips and devices (because, for example, the chips are produced by company X and used by dozens of OEMS) then put chip info here, otherwise delete the section.

available devices

Link to a device list, or preferably put it on a subpage /devices like en/users/Drivers/b43/devices to have it show up on the global list.


As a general rule for this section, don't list every tiny detail, just the most important things one should know about.


  • list wireless features that your driver supports, e.g. station mode, access point mode etc

not working yet

  • list features that could be supported but are not yet

not supported

  • list important features that the device will not support

device firmware

Information on the firmware and obtaining it, if not required delete this section.

additional sections

Insert additional sections here (and delete this one). Of course you can insert sections elsewhere as well if required.

  • any external links, if none delete section
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