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Setting up ath6kl

Kernel configuration

Starting from Linux kernel 3.2 ath6kl is available from kernel menuconfig:

-> Device Drivers
 -> Network device support (NETDEVICES [=y])
  -> Wireless LAN (WLAN [=y])
   -> Atheros Wireless Cards (ATH_COMMON [=y])
    -> Atheros mobile chipsets support (ATH6KL [=m])

Or alternatively search for CONFIG_ATH6KL.


ath6kl supports various suspend which can be controlled with two module parameters, suspend_mode and wow_mode.

suspend_mode makes it possible to force a certain mode when host suspends:

value mode
0 automatic (default)
1 cutpower
2 deepsleep
3 wow

Definion of different suspend modes:

; automatic  : the suspend mode is chosen based on host hardware capabilities 
; cutpower  : the chip is powered off for maximum power savings and hence resume is slower 
; deepsleep  : the firmware is running on the chip but is kept 
; wow  : if ath6kl is connected to an AP device will maintain the connection with Wake-on-WLAN feature while host is suspended 

If wow mode is enabled it's possible to choose different wow submode with wow_mode parameter:

value mode
0 default
1 cutpower when disconnected
2 deepsleep when disconnected

Definion of different wow modes:

; default  : Chooses the default mode from below which is subject to change. 
; cutpower  : 

If ath6kl is not connected to an AP the power is cut from the wifi chip. If connected to an AP WoW mode is used.

; deepsleep  : 

If ath6kl is not connected to an AP the firmware is put to low power deep sleep state. If connected to an AP WoW mode is used.

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