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This page is for the ar9170 open firmware. ar9170.fw is the firmware for the Atheros 802.11n USB chipset (AR9170). It was released by Atheros under the GPLv2 License with a lot of contributions made by the community. The firmware is maintained by the community.

This is NOT the same firmware as the one released officially by Atheros in a binary form under a restrictive license. If you are just looking to download a ready-to-use firmware, please see the page for the ar9170 driver for the links and instructions.

Get the source

You can get the source code from:


You will need an SH2 toolchain, ar9170 firmware git tree allows you to build your own toolchain on the fly.

Build and install

sudo make install


No official releases have been made yet as the source code was just released, a lot of cleanup is currently being done on the code. The firmware is still usable though if you compile it.


This firmware should get you connected with 802.11n networks and with networks requiring encryptions. At this point the firmware just works but could use enhancements.

bug reports

Bug reports are probably immature to report at this point, but feel free to give it a spin and let us know how it is going on the linux-wireless IRC channel.


Patches should be sent to the linux-wireless mailing list.

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