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Administration of releases

This page is for admins of release for compat-wireless.

compat-wireless bleeding edge releases

These are automated and cronjob'd on If any patch fails the tarball won't be generated.

backups of compat-wireless releases

These are wget'd at Orbit every day. They are kept on repository2 server on the path:


The cronjob is at:


Stable releases

Stable compat-wireless releases are maintained in repository2 at Orbit. The path is:


Stable compat-wireless releases are not automated. They are manually built from the stable kernel tree and tested once. Once tested the tarball is dumped into the directory above.

Making new releases

hpa's linux-2.6-allstable.git tree is used as a base for the stable kernel releases. We checkout the current stable kernel target branch and then modify the GIT_TREE environment variable to point to this local directory for compat-wireless. The git tree is:


This tree has a remote branch for every stable kernel release cycle. The master branch always keeps track of the latest stable kernel. To check out the latest stable 2.6.29.y kernel release you can do this for example:

git checkout -b linux-2.6.29.y origin/linux-2.6.29.y

If you want to track the latest stable just use the default master.

compat-wireless has branches for each stable kernel release as well. These branches are created at the close of the next stable kernel release cycle.

Once the stable kernel tree is cloned and we have it at the appropriate stable kernel release we run:

cd compat-wireless-2.6
git checkout -b linux-2.6.30.y remotes/origin/linux-2.6.30.y
export GIT_TREE=/home/mcgrof/linux-2.6-allstable/
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