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full-mac support

  • Need more capability info for card's supported features
  • add request IEs to cfg80211_connected() & to nl80211 event
  • add wpa version, cipher suites etc. from IW_AUTH to CONNECT cmd
  • add cfg80211_register_netdev(netdev)
  • add cfg80211_register_iwpriv(netdev, handlers) to support vendor drivers moving to cfg80211, MUST be done BEFORE cfg80211_register_netdev

test mode

  •    {
            .cmd = NL80211_CMD_TESTMODE,
            .dumpit = NULL,
            .doit = NULL,
            .policy = NULL,
            .flags = GENL_ADMIN_PERM,
  • testmode.dumpit = driver_ops.testmode_dumpit etc.
  • no API rules
  • compiled out by default, hard to enable, depends on CONFIG_DEBUG?
  • small example tool in userspace?
  • new multicast ID, nl80211_test_event(skb), maybe overwrite the CMD

antenna settings

  • new antenna settings API needed

rate control (and userspace API)

  • for debug: set of bitrates, legacy & ht (this is generic)
  • * optionally with _MAC attribute for per-station setting (e.g. for fixed links in a mesh)
  • * also export this information back in station info in nl80211
  • noop bitrate algorithm for TI 1271 chip
  • need generic HT rate algorithm
  • need simpler rate control algorithm due to CPU usage (PID?)
  • want API for switching algorithm, export list of names, select by name
  • stick with debugfs for more advanced per algo control/debug
  • we want to have multicast bitrate control (e.g. by looking through station list)
  • have allowed-multicast-rates bitmap
  • add ht bitrate reporting to GIWRATE, just export the speed

wext deprecation

  • * publish community statement that we no longer want wext

action frame processing

  • * receive action frame multicast group per interface
  • * use _FRAME attribute for the frames
  • * send action frame, TA verified in cfg80211
  • * commitment for handling action frames when mcast group is used
  • * restrict group to one process (is that even possible?)
  • * require extra commitment command, but commitment goes away once process dies, closes socket, unbinds mcast group
  • * frame should be buffered during scan
  • * (maybe later: location frame, add channel attribute in send cmd?)
  • * good capability handling for all of this
  • * filter (-EINVAL) when wrong frame is transmitted (e.g. != public-action before association, != action while associated…)

channel stats/noise reporting

  • * channel statistics (currently channel use, maybe noise floor later)
  • * add flag to request this while starting a scan
  • * remove iwconfig noise report

ROAMING (moving within ESS)

  • * good bg scan algorithm
  • * export roaming capabilities of driver/device combination (mac80211==none, iwm==full)
  • * link quality event?
  • * * signal change
  • * * packet loss
  • * * rate going down
  • * * beacon loss this needs configurable thresholds from userspace
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