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Developer process

This section documents the development process for 802.11 and the trees used.

Patch review process

Patches for the 802.11 subsystem must be sent to the relevant maintainer(s) according to the MAINTAINERS file, which of course includes the linux-wireless mailing list. For details of the patch format review the patch submission guide for 802.11 and our git guide. Once posted the patches will go through a review process by the community. Anyone can post comments regarding your patch, you should try to be responsive and address any questions asked.

Your e-mails and replies to e-mails should use bottom posting style for replies. HTML e-mails are rejected by the linux-wireless mailing list so be sure to use plain text.

The review process completes once no one has posted concerns, questions or comments, or explicitly has ACKed the patch. The maintainers will usually merge the patch the week the review process completes.

Maintainer chain

802.11 development follows the usual Linux kernel development style and currently has co-maintenance between Kalle Valo and Johannes Berg for the wireless/wireless-next trees, with the responsibilities roughly split between drivers and stack respectively. There are other maintainers (listed in MAINTAINERS) who don't directly commit to the tree but are responsible for certain drivers.

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