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Support for cfg80211 / mac80211 Linux 802.11 drivers on Android

This section tries to document what is required to support 802.11 Linux drivers on Android.

The current status quo

Android uses wireless-extensions to support its 802.11 drivers. The drivers that Android devices have up to this day used are all using wireless-extensions for communication. The Android codebase also uses a custom wpa_supplicant. The details of this can be found on android's porting wifi page and on this porting wifi drivers to android documentation.


The current Android 802.11 interface should change to use nl80211. The proper approach would be to extend nl80211 upstream (where necessary) and use an unmodified wpa_supplicant in Android.

Doing this will mean adding support to Android for *all* new 802.11 cfg80211/mac80211 Linux drivers.


Anyone working on this?

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