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How to use this wiki

If you want to edit this site, make sure to create a user and log in. If you need to be able to delete pages or similar, ask someone who is listed on AdminGroup to add you there.

The navigation for this site is completely generated from the wiki contents itself.

The three categories can be changed on en/sitemap, if a browser has a different language and the page


/sitemap exists it will be used instead. This can be used to translate the navigation.

In order to add items to the categories edit for example en/users/navi.

Please make sure to add new material as sub-pages so that the correct category is shown.

A snapshot of this wiki is available at, it is updated daily.

Site backups

We have daily rsync site backups at:

  • Orbit (repository1:/export/mirror/
  • Atheros (pogo:/home/backup/mirror/

About the design

The design for this site was created in January 2007 by SIP Solutions. The small icons occurring everywhere are based on icons from the Tango Desktop Project. You are free to download and use the icons on this site under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.

About the wiki software

This site is completely based on the MoinMoin wiki engine. The custom theme to get the wiki displayed in this layout was programmed by Johannes Berg.

Some custom code written for this site can be downloaded.

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