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July 22, 2011

With a little delay, Linus released 3.0. Besides numbering change, this version contains some interesting wireless changes :)

  • ar9170usb: remove driver (replaced by carl9170)
  • ath6kl: add support for AR6003 v2.1.1
  • ath9k_htc: add AP and P2P modes
  • ath9k_hw: support for AR9340
  • b43: fix DMA problems on some LP-PHY cards
  • iwlagn: fix performance regression since 2.6.35 (use cts-to-self protection)
  • iwlagn: support for new 105 series devices
  • rt2860sta: remove driver (replaced by mainline rt2800pci)
  • rt2870sta: remove driver (replaced by mainline rt2800usb)
  • rt2x00: Initial support for RT5370 USB devices
  • rt2x00: Enable support for RT53xx PCI devices by default
  • rt2x00: RT33xx device support is no longer experimental
  • rtlwifi: support for RTL8192SE chips added
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