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 +==== June 9, 2009 ====
 +This time around for the [[http://​​Linux_2_6_30|2.6.30 kernel release]] more than 900 patches related to wireless went into the next version of Linux. Besides lots of internal cleanups, notable new features are: 
 +  * rt2x00 now supports powersave (use <​code>​iwconfig wlan0 power timeout 500ms</​code>​ to enable) ​
 +  * rt2x00 now supports mesh (point/​portal) and WDS operation ​
 +  * ath9k now supports mesh point operation ​
 +  * mac80211 IBSS can be fixed to channel/​BSSID for those who can't use 802.11s mesh but need layer 3 mesh 
 +  * mac80211 now re-aligns frames where necessary to avoid unaligned IP payload for platforms that are not capable of processing such frames ​
 +  * mac80211 can support 802.11w (protected management frames), however the only driver currently supporting it is ath9k (other drivers just need testing) ​
 +  * mac80211 now deconfigures/​reconfigures the device during suspend/​resume ​
 +  * iwlwifi now supports 1000/6000 hw series ​
 +  * cfg80211/​nl80211 support scanning (<​code>​iw dev wlan0 scan</​code>​) ​
 +  * mac80211 now supports aggregation with iwlwifi again (broken since 2.6.27) For further wireless related details you can check the [[http://​​kernel/​compat-wireless-2.6-stable/​v2.6.30/​ChangeLog-2.6.30-wireless|2.6.30 wireless log]]. ​
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