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December 23, 2008

The 2.6.28 kernel is released. About 400 patches related to wireless have been merged and once again this release brings a slew of new wireless features to the kernel:

  • regulatory support – the kernel will now attempt to obey local wireless spectrum regulations
  • libertas_tf – a thin firmware driver for the XO-1's wireless
  • ath5k gains mesh networking
  • the full-mac orinoco driver gains WPA support
  • p54 gains 5 GHz support
  • mac80211 got mesh portal functionality (bridging a mesh mode interface)
  • the minstrel rate control algorithm was added along with rate control API improvements
  • nl80211 userspace API improvements for various things As usual, some drivers and mac80211 received cleanups and API changes:
    • Some mac80211 driver operations are no longer required to be atomic which makes drivers simpler
    • mac80211 code was restructured to be easier to read
    • more station information is shared with the driver
    • the rate control API was rewritten and made available to outside mac80211 (due to be updated again in 2.6.29 for better HT control etc.)
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