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 +==== March 10th, 2008 ====
 +On February 14, 2008 [[http://​​linville/​|John Linville]] [[http://​​gmane.linux.kernel.wireless.general/​11358|announced a new git tree]], the [[http://​​p=linux/​kernel/​git/​linville/​wireless-testing.git;​a=summary|wireless-testing.git tree]], "​created to replace the usage of the former '​everything'​ branch"​. As it stands, there is //no more #everything branch in wireless-2.6.git tree//. Users and developers should rely on wireless-testing.git for the bleeding edge Linux wireless developments. //The wireless-testing.git tree should be used as the primary development target//. New git URL: 
 +To learn how check this tree out, and a general overview of git please see our [[en/​developers/​Documentation/​git-guide|Linux wireless git-guide]]. To see the latest changes made on this tree check out the [[en/​developers/​Documentation|wireless-testing.git ChangeLog]] ​
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