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 +==== February 4th, 2008 ====
 +[[http://​​Linux_2_6_24|Linux 2.6.24]] was released on January 28th. It includes a horde of new wireless drivers: ​
 +  * [[http://​​|Intel Wireless Link]] (iwlwifi) drivers for [[en/​users/​Drivers/​iwl3945|iwl3945]] and [[en/​users/​Drivers/​iwl4965|iwl4965]] ​
 +  * SDIO driver for Marvell'​s Libertas 8385 and 8686 hardware ​
 +  * Ralink drivers for RT2400/​RT2500/​[[en/​users/​Drivers/​rt61pci|RT61]] (PCI/​PCMCIA),​ RT2500/​[[en/​users/​Drivers/​rt73usb|RT73]] (USB) 
 +  * [[en/​users/​Drivers/​b43|b43]] and [[en/​users/​Drivers/​b43|b43legacy]] Broadcom drivers which replace the older bcm43xx driver. bcm43xx is now deprecated and will be removed in future kernel releases. ​
 +Various other drivers received bug fixes and increased hardware support. ​
 +[[en/​developers/​Documentation/​mac80211|mac80211]] received a huge amount of internal rework and fixes, some resulting in optimisations and better IEEE 802.11 spec compliance. Additionally,​ it now supports the SIOCGIWTXPOWER ioctl ("​iwconfig dev power ..."), reports better link statistics, no longer sends invalid QoS frames, better supports dynamic WEP and has improved radiotap injection. ​
 +For users looking to help test the bleeding edge but stuck on older kernels we now have available a [[en/​users/​Download|wireless compatibility package]]. This lets you get the latest drivers and bug fixes on kernels >= 2.6.22, this includes the new Atheros [[en/​users/​Drivers/​ath5k|ath5k]] driver, which is scheduled for inclusion for 2.6.25. ​
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