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 +==== September 27, 2007 ====
 +The [[http://​|Software Freedom Law Center]] has published a new statement which as per [[http://​​wiki/​news/​20070927/​sflc-helps-ath5k-developers-contribute-back|MadWifi'​s press release]]: ​
 +  * //"... this should once and for all clear up any doubts about licensing practices we have used and details of provenance of code since the project'​s start all the way down to our current ath5k driver code."​.// ​
 +Additionally,​ the press release states that 
 +    * //"The audit confirms that fixes and improvements to work derived from OpenBSD'​s ar5k - specifically what is in the [[http://​​p=linux/​kernel/​git/​linville/​wireless-legacy.git;​a=commit;​h=c1928199c27de433d1e81b78e3178be4f0e978d2|wireless-legacy repository now]] - can safely be contributed back."// ​
 +As per the advice from SFLC new guidelines have been posted about about [[en/​developers/​SubmittingPatches|sending patches for Linux-wireless]]. To help keep track of changes under permissive licenses a new [[en/​developers/​SubmittingPatches|''​Changes-licensed-under''​]] tag is being introduced. Additionally we would like to request developers to subscribe to the [[en/​developers/​SubmittingPatches|guidelines page for submitting patches]] to receive diffs of changes to this guide so we're all on the same page. 
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