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 +===== Information for vendors =====
 +We have worked with different wireless device vendors to address their concerns for FOSS driver development. The biggest barrier with vendor support has been legal considerations due to regulatory compliance. The document below summarizes the approach we have taken on successfully enhancing vendor support. ​
 +  * [[en/​vendors/​VendorSupport|Vendor Support]] ​
 +If you are a wireless vendor, want a driver for Linux, and do not have the resources to do it we have good news for you -- we will write it for you and support it for free! See bellow for more details ​
 +    * [[en/​vendors/​DriverDevelopment|Free Driver Development]] ​
 +In July 2007, the [[http://​|Software Freedom Law Center]] released a white paper describing the implications of Software Defined Radio (SDR) FCC classifications on open source drivers. This may be useful to vendors with regulatory concerns. ​
 +      * [[http://​​resources/​2007/​fcc-sdr-whitepaper.html|FCC Rules on FOSS and Software-Defined Radio]] ​
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