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Realtek 802.11n drivers

mac80211 based

  • rtl8192ce is a PCI-E driver for RTL8192CE/RTL8188CE devices.
  • rtl8192cu is a USB driver for RTL8192CU/RTL8188CU devices. It's going to be replaced by rtl8xxxu.
  • rtl8192de is a PCI-E driver for RTL8192DE/RTL8188DE devices.
  • rtl8192se is a PCI-E driver for RTL8192SE/RTL8191SE devices.
  • rtl8723ae is a PCI-E driver for RTL8723AE devices.
  • rtl8188ee is a PCI-E driver for RTL8188EE devices.
  • rtl8723be is a PCI-E driver for RTL8723BE devices (3.15+).
  • rtl8192su is a USB driver for RTL8188SU/RTL8191SU/RTL8192SU devices. (WIP:
  • rtl8821ae is a PCI-E driver for RTL8821AE devices (3.16+).
  • rtl8192ee is a PCI-E driver for RTL8192EE devices (3.16+).
  • rtl8xxxu is a multi-driver for USB devices(RTL8723AU/RTL8723BU/RTL8191EU/RTL8192EU/RTL8188EU/RTL8188RU) (4.3+), for other chips WIP: git-tree

staging drivers

They are included in the staging tree at and they are NOT supported by linux-wireless developers or mailing list. Instead ask for support in . Maintainers are Greg Kroah-Hartman <> and Larry Finger <>.

Hardware Donations

If you get an unsupported device, you can donate it to the driver maintainer. For more info ask Larry Finger <>.


The firmware for those devices can be downloaded from:

Available devices

See this page for a list of devices that based on the rtl819x chip.

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