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 +===== MADWifi =====
 +  * [[http://​​|MadWifi]] - a deprecated Linux kernel device driver for Wireless LAN chipsets from [[http://​​|Atheros]]. [[MadWifi|MadWifi]] is an old Atheros sponsored driver effort for Linux. This driver is now deprecated and users should look at [[en/​users/​Drivers/​ath5k|ath5k]] and [[en/​users/​Drivers/​ath5k|ath9k]] which are upstream and part of the Linux kernel. ​
 +===== supported chips =====
 +    * 802.11abg PCI and Cardbus Devices with Chipset AR5xxx from Atheros. There'​s no support for most AR6xxx or AR9xxx chipsets. ​
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