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 +===== iwmc3200wifi =====
 +This is a [[en/​developers/​Documentation/​Glossary|FullMAC]] driver for the 802.11 part of Intel'​s iwmc3200 card (a.k.a. Evans Peak). ​
 +iwmc3200 is a combo card with GPS, Bluetooth, [[WiMax|WiMax]] and 802.11 radios, it runs over SDIO and is typically found on [[http://​​wiki/​Moorestown_(CPU)|Moorestown]] based platforms. ​
 +**removed**,​ no hw: [[https://​​p=linux/​kernel/​git/​linville/​wireless-next.git;​a=commitdiff;​h=bdb903e499aa9dcc727a74942131ef948ebf2e1b|https://​​p=linux/​kernel/​git/​linville/​wireless-next.git;​a=commitdiff;​h=bdb903e499aa9dcc727a74942131ef948ebf2e1b]] ​
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