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 ===== Support ===== ===== Support =====
-For general questions about Wi-Fi on Linux using Intel'​s devicesyou can send an email to [[|]] and or the Linux wireless mailing which is common to all the vendors: [[mailto:​|]]. Please note that the latter address accepts plaintext emails only. Our policy is to close bugs that have been pending for input for more than two weeks.+If you have technical issues or general questions about Intel Wi-Fi on Linux, ​please context ​[[​www/​us/​en/​support/​contact-support.html?​productId=59484,​59485,​83418#​@11|Intel Customer Support]].
-For bug reports and debugging , please see the [[en:​users:​drivers:​iwlwifi:​Debugging|page]] dedicated to that.+For bug reports and debugging, please see the [[en:​users:​drivers:​iwlwifi:​Debugging|page]] dedicated to that.
 ===== 7260, 3160, 7265, 7265D, 3165 and 3168 support ===== ===== 7260, 3160, 7265, 7265D, 3165 and 3168 support =====
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