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ath9k bluetooth coexistence

This page documents how bluetooth coexistence is supported by ath9k.

Supported Coexistence Schemes

Enabling bluetooth coexistence

Bluetooth coexistence has to be manually enabled when loading ath9k by setting the btcoex_enable module parameter.

modprobe ath9k btcoex_enable=1

Cards supporting BTCOEX

2-wire (two-chip cards with separate WLAN and BT)

  • WB197 ( AR9287 + AR3011 )

3-wire (two-chip cards with separate WLAN and BT)

  • WB195 ( AR9285 + AR3011 )
  • WB225 ( AR9485 + AR3012 )

MCI (SoC-type cards with integrated WLAN and BT)

  • WB222 ( based on AR9462 )
  • WB335 ( based on AR9565 )
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