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 ==== Guidelines ==== ==== Guidelines ====
-Guidelines for patches are: +The ath11k ​patch guidelines ​are the same as [[en/users/drivers/ath10k/submittingpatches#guidelines|ath10k guidelines]].
-  +
-  * MUST follow [[https://​​doc/​html/​latest/​process/​submitting-patches.html|Documentation/​SubmittingPatches]] +
-  * MUST follow [[en/​users/​Drivers/​ath10k/​CodingStyle|ath10k coding style]] +
-  * MUST be compiler and sparse warning free.  +
-  * [[https://​​pub/​software/​scm/​git/​docs/​git-send-email.html|git send-email]] SHOULD be used to submit the patch to avoid any formatting issues. +
-  * Patchsets SHOULD contain no more than 12 patches and include a cover letter.  +
-  * Commit log MUST answer the question "​Why?":​  +
-    * Describe the motivation behind the bug.  +
-    * How does it change the functionality from user's point of view?  +
-    * Does it fix a bug? If it does, please describe the bug (doesn'​t necessarily need to be long). Also if there'​s a public bug report add a link to the bug report or email describing the issue.  +
-    * If a problem has been found during code review and doesn'​t fix a known issue, mention that in the commit log this is a theoretical fix. +
-    * This also implies that the commit log MUST not be empty.  +
-    * Ingo Molnar has written [[https://​​r/​|a nice description]] about what maintainers ​are looking from a commit log. +
-  * Commit log MUST document ​the affected hardware versions, bus type and firmware version(s) tested +
-  * SHOULD use [[https://​​doc/​html/​latest/​process/​submitting-patches.html#​using-reported-by-tested-by-reviewed-by-suggested-by-and-fixes|Reported-by:​ and Tested-by: tags]] if others have reported the issue. +
-  * SHOULD use [[https://​​doc/​html/​latest/​process/​submitting-patches.html#​describe-changes|Fixes:​ tag]] if it fixes a regression caused by known commit. +
-  * SHOULD be //mostly// checkpatch clean (though not all patchworks warnings make sense), it's RECOMMENDED to test patches with [[en/users/Drivers/ath10k/CodingStyle#checking_code|ath11k-check]] as that will disable the useless warnings.+
-The terminology is from [[​rfc/​rfc2119.txt|​rfc/​rfc2119.txt]] +==== Hardware families ==== 
 +ath11k supports two hardware families: 
 +  * IPQ8074 SoC AP devices 
 +  * QCA6390 PCI mobile devices 
 +Just like with ath10k, all ath11k patches need to account all supported hardware families. 
 +==== Tested-on tag ==== 
 +Testing information needs to be provided using Tested-on tagFew Tested-on tag examples: 
 +Tested-on: IPQ8074 hw2.0 AHB WLAN.HK. 
 +Tested-onIPQ6018 hw1.0 AHB WLAN.HK. 
 +Tested-on: QCA6390 hw2.0 PCI WLAN.HST.1.0.1-01230-QCAHSTSWPLZ_V2_TO_X86-1 
 ==== Patch flow ==== ==== Patch flow ====
 The ath11k patch flow is the same as [[en/​users/​drivers/​ath10k/​submittingpatches#​patch_flow|ath10k patch flow]] The ath11k patch flow is the same as [[en/​users/​drivers/​ath10k/​submittingpatches#​patch_flow|ath10k patch flow]]
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