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Reporting ath11k bugs

ath11k bug reports can be filed to Use these catagories:

  • Product: Drivers
  • Component: network-wireless
  • Summary: start with string “ath11k:”

See also the list of open ath11k bugs.

To make it easier for the developers to help, include in the bug report at least this information:

  • Exact kernel version. Is it a distro kernel or have you compiled it yourself? Any extra patches?
  • Linux distribution version.
  • Host device information, for example if it's a laptop make and model, architecture, CPU etc.
  • BIOS version.
  • How many times have you seen the bug and how many times did you try to reproduce it? For example, the test failed 3 times out of 5 total times tested.
  • Output from: uname -a
  • Output from: lspci -mnn
  • Output from: find /lib/firmware/ath11k/ -type f | xargs md5sum
  • Output from: dmesg | grep ath11k

If you are unsure if your bug is same as already reported, it's better to open a new bug. Even if the symptoms are the same (eg. “kernel freeze”), the actual bugs causing the issue might be very different. is only for upstream releases. As distros (Ubuntu, Fedora etc) can modify ath11k on their own, and it's difficult to track what has changed, report bugs seen on distro kernels to the distro bug trackers.

Bugzilla is not a support forum, it is a tool to collect and track actual bugs. All questions, comments and support requests should be sent to the mailing list.

Patches are not submitted via bugzilla, see Submitting patches.

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