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Here we start documentation for users for all new wireless utilities. The list is short, but we'll try to add more as we go.

  • Wireless modes - modes you can set your wireless card to operate in
  • FAQ Frequently asked questions
  • iw - new nl80211 based command line interface (CLI) configuration utility
  • wireless module parameters - documents the different 802.11 module parameters available
  • rfkill - simple tool for rfkill debugging/settings
  • crda - new central regulatory domain agent, nl80211 based userspace regulatory db agent
  • hostapd - hostapd is a IEEE 802.11 AP, IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP/RADIUS Authenticator
  • wpa_supplicant - wpa_supplicant is a WPA Supplicant and SME (initiates MLME commands)
  • WoWLAN - Wake on Wireless LAN support
  • Power consumption - details of power consumption with 802.11 devices on Linux, covers IEEE 802.11 power savings, ASPM, and driver tweaks for ASPM, Dynamic power save, and pm-qos.
  • WAPI - China's alternative to 802.11i (now part of 802.11-2007), ISO voted yes. However, the standard has been withdrawn by China.
  • DFS - Design documentation for future DFS implementation in mac80211
  • ACS - Automatic Channel Selection support for Linux

YouTube Documentation

by Adrian Chadd:

Note: Adrian Chadd worked at Atheros for 18 months on chip bring-up and open source work. He worked with other Atheros developers to open source the USB firmware for the AR5513 and ath9k-htc hardware, as well as the AR9300 HAL, used by Linux and FreeBSD.

Wireless managers

This is the list of available known wireless managers you can use in distributions

  • NetworkManager - GUI based connection manager with wireless support
  • wicd - Simple GUI based connection manager with wireless support
  • connman - GUI based connection manager with wireless support, designed with embedded devices in mind

Wireless sniffers / intrusion testing / packet injection utilities

Helping users and developers

Please consider reading these sections to help developers help you more efficiently.

To the very curious user

In case you want to read up on what things are being advanced within Linux wireless. This should help users become familiar with our latest developments.

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