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PCI and PCI-Express cards

Note: this list is still incomplete as not all drivers have information

Form factors

There are various form factors for PCI/PCI-E cards:

; Cardbus  : 

also called PC Card, this is a form factor similiar to PCMCIA. Wikipedia has an image.

; PCI  : 

A regular PCI card, again you can find an image on Wikipedia.

; Mini-PCI  : A card typically used in laptops until maybe 2007 or so. 
; PCI Express  : pretty much the successor to PCI, actually having a completely different bus architecture. 
; Mini-PCI-E  : 

mini-PCI express, the PCI Express equivalent of Mini-PCI, but even smaller. Wikipedia has an image of this too.

; ExpressCard  : 

The hot-pluggable version of PCI Express. Note that Express

Cards can be USB as well, in which case they won't be listed here.

Device list

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