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2017 wireless workshop


Netdev 2.2 has been announced for Seoul, South Korea, November 8-10:

We're planning to hold the next wireless workshop there, most likely either on November 8th or 9th (Wednesday or Thursday).

Formalities will be as usual - open (discussion) session, you have to be registered for netdev. Details will follow.

Suggested topics

add suggestions here:

  • EAPOL over nl80211 review/post-mortem (assuming it's done)?
  • rtlwifi situation?
  • OCE/FILS (review)?
  • iTXQ hookups, airtime fairness?
  • fully migrating mac80211 to iTXQ

planning to attend

  • Johannes Berg
  • Luca Coelho
  • Jouni Malinen
  • Kalle Valo
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