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 http://​​2.2/​ http://​​2.2/​
-We're planning to hold the next wireless workshop there, ​most likely either ​on November ​8th or 9th (Wednesday or Thursday).+We're planning to hold the next wireless workshop there, on Thursday, ​November 9th.
-Formalities ​will be as usual - open (discussion) session, you have to +Formalities ​are as usual - open (discussion) session, you only have to 
-be registered for netdev. Details will follow.+be registered for netdev ​to attend (but you can add yourself below).
 ===== Suggested topics ===== ===== Suggested topics =====
-add suggestions here: +  ​* EAPOL over nl80211 ​recap 
- +  * [[en/users/​Drivers/​rtl819x | rtlwifi]] ([[https://​​l=linux-wireless&​m=143023412222482 | PCI/USB]]) situation?​ 
-  ​* EAPOL over nl80211 ​review/post-mortem ​(assuming it's done)?+  * OCE/​FILS ​(review)? 
 +  * iTXQ hookups, airtime fairness? 
 +  * fully migrating mac80211 to iTXQ 
 +  * Dynamic QoS prioritisation
 ===== planning to attend ===== ===== planning to attend =====
   * Johannes Berg   * Johannes Berg
-  * Luca Coelho+  * Jouni Malinen 
 +  * Kalle Valo 
 +  * Toke Høiland-Jørgensen 
 +  * Kirtika Ruchandani
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