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On November 1st, 2016, we'll hold a wireless workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on the combined Kernel Summit/Linux Plumbers Conference workshop day.

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To attend, you need to be registered at LPC or invited to KS. Right now, registrations for LPC are closed, but we have some free/reduced rate/full rate reserved passes. Contact Johannes Berg to be listed for those.

Agenda items

  • WAVE/802.11p (state, development)?
  • FQ/Codel integration, testing & development
  • WPA PSK offloading
  • key derivation offloading for WPA-Enterprise (pass PMK through nl80211)
  • wpa_supplicant: driver wrapper scan list integration
  • Patches and progress related to assisted roaming/steering
  • NaN R2
  • WFA eNDP?

Attendees (confirmed)

  • Dmitry Shmidt
  • Jes Sorensen

Attendees (LPC registration passes reserved)

  • Johannes Berg
  • Jouni Malinen
  • Kalle Valo
  • Avery Pennarun
  • Michał Kazior
  • Mitchell Wills
  • Mukesh Agrawal
  • Kevin Hayes
  • Kirtika Ruchanandi
  • Luigi Semenzato
  • Steve deRosier


(please add yourself here - I'll make sure registration is available and move you up)

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