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 +===== P2P howto =====
 +==== prerequisites ====
 +In order to test P2P, you need: 
 +  * a current wireless-testing kernel (or compat-wireless equivalent) or kernel 3.0 later 
 +  * wpa_supplicant from the [[http://​​gitweb/​gitweb.cgi?​p=hostap.git;​a=summary|hostap]] git tree: 
 +<​code>​git clone git://​​srv/​git/​hostap.git</​code>,​ or possibly from the hostap-1 stabilisation tree
 +  * an Atheros ath9k device ​
 +  * OR an ar9170 USB device (with carl9170 driver!) ​
 +  * (OR another device that has a mac80211 driver, but these are known to work, iwlwifi does **not** currently work with any released microcode) ​
 +=== wpa_supplicant ===
 +Use this config file for compiling: ​
 +# optional, depending on libnl version you want to use:
 +# and maybe DBus</​code>​
 +==== running ====
 +Start wpa_supplicant with this config file: 
 +# If you need to modify the group owner intent, 0-15, the higher
 +# number indicates preference to become the GO. You can also set
 +# this on p2p_connect commands.
 +# optional, can be useful for monitoring, forces
 +# wpa_supplicant to use only channel 1 rather than
 +# 1, 6 and 11:
 +like this: 
 +<​code>​./​wpa_supplicant -Dnl80211 -c /​path/​to/​p2p.conf -i wlan0 -dt</​code>​
 +Then start <​code>​./​wpa_cli</​code>​ and use the various <​code>​p2p_*</​code>​ commands, for example: ​
 +[wait for peer to be found]
 +p2p_connect <​peer-mac-addr>​ pbc go_intent=<​0..15></​code>​
 +(or you can use pin of course, go_intent is optional.)
 +==== using multiple virtual interfaces for concurrent usage ====
 +If the driver advertises support, wpa_supplicant will automatically create secondary P2P interfaces. To force this without the driver advertising support, you can add the following to the config file: 
 +When this is added, start the supplicant normally on wlan0 like above. Then, when P2P negotiation finishes, it will create a new interface for the group (called "​p2p-wlan0-0"​) and put it into the appropriate mode (GO or P2P client). ​
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