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 ===== maintainer list ===== ===== maintainer list =====
-See the official maintainers file (in the current ​wireless-testing tree) at [[http://​​cgit/​linux/​kernel/​git/​linville/​wireless-testing.git/​tree/​MAINTAINERS|http://​​cgit/​linux/​kernel/​git/​linville/wireless-testing.git/​tree/​MAINTAINERS]] ​+''​cfg80211''​ and ''​mac80211''​ maintainer is Johannes Berg. 
 +''​wireless-drivers''​ maintainer is Kalle Valo. 
 +[[https://​​cgit/​linux/​kernel/​git/​wireless/​wireless-testing.git/​|wireless-testing]] maintainer is Bob Copeland. 
 +See [[https://​​cgit/​linux/​kernel/​git/​torvalds/linux.git/​tree/​MAINTAINERS|the official maintainers file]] for details.
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