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 +===== About the Linux wireless mailing list =====
 +The //​linux-wireless//​ was introduced in February of 2007 due to the fact that it was difficult to keep track of wireless-specific only related e-mails on //netdev//. We now use //​linux-wireless//​ for **all** wireless development discussions,​ including to post patches. We now **only** post to //netdev// if patches or suggested changes touch generic networking code. If you are interested in sending patches please read our [[en/​developers/​Documentation/​SubmittingPatches|Submitting Patches]] guide. ​
 +===== linux-wireless online archives =====
 +If you don't want to subscribe or if you just want to refer to e-mail through a URL you have a few options, here are a few of them: 
 +  * [[http://​​l=linux-wireless|marc archive on linux-wireless]] ​
 +  * [[https://​​lists/​linux-wireless/​|spinics archive]]
 ===== Stats and requirements of linux-wireless mailing list ===== ===== Stats and requirements of linux-wireless mailing list =====
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 <​code>​subscribe netdev</​code>​ <​code>​subscribe netdev</​code>​
-L+===== Submitting patches to linux-wireless ===== 
 +If you would like to submit patches to linux-wireless please read our [[en/​developers/​Documentation/​SubmittingPatches|Submitting Patches]] guide.  
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