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 More info: http://​​topposting.html More info: http://​​topposting.html
 +==== Use RFC or RFT for patches not ready ====
-===== More patch work references =====+If the patches are not yet ready to be applied by the maintainer mark them as RFC (Request For Comments) or RFC (Request For Test), this way the maintainer can easily see that the patch should not be applied yet. This saves a lot of maintainer'​s time. 
 +===== More references =====
 Here is a list of links to help you write better patches ​ Here is a list of links to help you write better patches ​
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   * [[http://​​patch-format.html|http://​​patch-format.html]] ​   * [[http://​​patch-format.html|http://​​patch-format.html]] ​
   * [[https://​​~akpm/​stuff/​tpp.txt|Andrew Morton'​s ''​The perfect patch''​]] ​   * [[https://​​~akpm/​stuff/​tpp.txt|Andrew Morton'​s ''​The perfect patch''​]] ​
 +  * [[http://​​r/​|Make Bjorn'​s life easier (and grease the path of your patch)]]
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