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   Fixes: c742e623e941 ("​mwifiex:​ sdio card reset enhancement"​)   Fixes: c742e623e941 ("​mwifiex:​ sdio card reset enhancement"​)
 +Here's how one can configure git to provide the fixes tag in correct format:
 +  $ git config --global --add alias.fixes 'show -q --format=fixes'​
 +  $ git config --global --add pretty.fixes '​Fixes:​ %h ("​%s"​)'​
 +  $ git config --global --add core.abbrev 12
 +  $ git fixes ba9177fcef21
 +  Fixes: ba9177fcef21 ("​ath11k:​ Add basic WoW functionalities"​)
 ==== Commit reference is wrong ==== ==== Commit reference is wrong ====
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