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 https://​​doc/​html/​latest/​process/​submitting-patches.html#​when-to-use-acked-by-cc-and-co-developed-by https://​​doc/​html/​latest/​process/​submitting-patches.html#​when-to-use-acked-by-cc-and-co-developed-by
 +==== Maximum of 7-12 patches per patchset ​ ====
 +If you want your patches reviewed smoothly submit maximum of 7-12 patches per patchset. If the patches are bigger don't send more than 7 patches. But if they smaller, or trivial patches, 12 patches is ok. But anything more than 12 patches and you will get reviewers grumpy (read: it takes longer to get your patches reviewed and applied).
 +But you can submit multiple patchsets, just try to throttle it down to avoid bufferbloat in patchwork, for example you can send a new patchset every other day. And don't forget to document the dependencies in the cover letter ("this patchset depends on patchset B").
 ===== More references ===== ===== More references =====
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