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 +===== IEEE-802.11 Standards =====
 +Linux supports a variety of devices which were designed to support an array of IEEE-802.11 standards. ​
 +  * [[http://​​getieee802/​802.11.html|Download some IEEE-802.11 standards for free]]: consists of standards after they have been published in PDF format after twelve months. ​
 +  * [[https://​​ecustomercme_enu/​start.swe?​SWECmd=Login&​SWECM=S&​|Purchase new or draft IEEE-802.11 standards]]:​ draft standards or new standards ​
 +===== Our own IEEE-802.11 interpretations =====
 +Here we list a few of our 802.11 standards interpretations to help development. Please feel free to add new sections, interpretations or simply add links to help with development. ​
 +    * [[en/​developers/​Documentation/​ieee80211/​power-savings|Power Savings]]: IEEE-802.11 was designed with power saving in mind for stations. This section tries to summarize what the standard defines for all aspects of power saving. Its work in progress. ​
 +    * [[en/​developers/​Documentation/​ieee80211/​802.11n|802.11n]]:​ This section tries to summarize crucial aspects of 802.11n for [[en/​developers/​Documentation/​mac80211|mac80211]] development. ​
 +    * [[en/​developers/​Documentation/​ieee80211/​802.11s|802.11s]]:​ This section tries to summarize 802.11s (in draft) for [[en/​developers/​Documentation/​mac80211|mac80211]] development. ​
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