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New Orleans, 2013


This event is intended to include developers from the Linux Bluetooth, NFC, and wireless LAN (802.11) communities.

Date and Venue

This wireless summit is organized together with the Linux Plumbers Conference 2013 and LinuxCon North America 2013, in New Orleans (U.S.A.)

The wireless summit will take place on Thursday, Sept. 19th and Friday Sept 20th.

Attendees for the wireless summit must be registered for one (or both) of those. Please note that attendance at the wireless summit does _NOT_ automatically allow entry to Linux Plumbers Conference events – if you want to attend LPC events, then be sure to register for LPC.


  • ROM Patching - Bluetooth and 802.11 – other subystems
  • Open Regression testing
  • WAVE/11p if automotive people get their minisummit organised
  • Regulatory - vendor namespace / OUI based solution to enable different interpretations due to time considerations on integrating new changes and eventual consolidation strategy
  • Miracast/video streaming improvements
  • TSPEC handling
  • Android specials
  • new wpa_supplicant D-Bus API with better device/interface separation?
  • Maintainer complaints/compliments/concerns
  • what's under the most active development right now?
  • upcoming new driver, hardware, and new capabilities
  • new 802.11 standards
  • and what's coming up in the next year from the standards orgs
  • what people will start working on soon
  • what will 3.13 or 3.14 look like from a wireless perspective?
  • 11s mesh status?
  • anything interesting in wpa_supplicant land?
  • anything new/interesting on the Android front?
  • what's new/upcoming with Bluez?
  • any new Bluetooth/802.11 interactions?
  • any new NFC developments?
  • user forum and/or user panel?
  • problems w/ development process?
  • regulatory database maintainenance woes…
  • considerations for future wireless summits



Time Strand 9 Room 1722 Room 1832
Session Owner Session Owner Session Owner
09:30 Welcome/Intro/Agenda John Linville
10:00 mac80211 status Johannes
10:30 Break
11:00 Bluetooth status Marcel
11:30 NFC status Samuel
12:00 Lunch
14:00 regulatory John/Luis
14:30 Break
15:00 userland status Dan/Marcel?
15:30 Android Dmitry
17:00 backports status Luis LE Auto connection kernel API Andre Guedes
17:30 Intel driver process Johannes GATT API Claudio, Lizardo
18:00 Adjourn


Time Strand 9 Room 1722 Room 1832
Session Owner Session Owner Session Owner
09:00 supplicant Dan
09:30 testing Wojciech
10:30 Break
11:00 standards Jouni
11:30 distro Seth
12:00 Lunch
14:00 libnl80211 Luis
14:30 Break
15:00 MAC offload strategy Johannes
15:30 roaming Wojciech
16:00 recruiting Luis
16:30 Blueish Lizardo
17:00 ROM patch Luis
17:30 maintainer/process/summit John
18:00 Adjourn


  1. Johannes Berg
  2. Marcel Holtmann
  3. Jouni Malinen
  4. John W. Linville
  5. Luis R. Rodriguez
  6. Kalle Valo
  7. Larry Finger
  8. Samuel Ortiz
  9. Seth Forshee
  10. Johan Hedberg
  11. João Paulo Rechi Vita
  12. Gustavo Padovan
  13. Wojciech Dubowik
  14. Dmitry Shmidt
  15. Stanislaw Gruszka
  16. Bob Barned
  17. Daniel Wagner
  18. Helmut Schaa
  19. Matt Chen
  20. Anderson Lizardo
  21. Alvaro Silva
  22. Claudio Takahasi
  23. Andre Guedes
  24. Patrik Flykt
  25. Luiz von Dentz
  26. Emanuel Taube
  27. Reiner Herrmann
  28. Dan Beavers
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