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Using sparse

Sparse is a semantic parser and static analyzer utility we use for Linux kernel development. We highly recommend using sparse for the wireless subsystem. Below are some quick instructions how to get this set up and how to use it.

Get sparse

You can get sparse from:


Version of sparse to use

We recommend to use the latest stable release of sparse. As of now this is v0.5.1, so you can do something as follows:

git checkout v0.5.1

Or do

git tag -l

to see all releases.

Install sparse

To install:

make install

Using sparse

To use sparse for kernel development simply pass on the C=2 argument onto your make command. For example to enable sparse for mac80211 development you would use:

make C=2 M=net/mac80211/

This will force-check all corresponding source files. To only check files which will be recompiled you would use the C=1 argument:

make C=1 M=net/mac80211/

Endian checks

Most endian complaints are typically valid and reflect design issues. These should be reviewed carefully. Happily, since v4.10-rc1 these checks are automatically enabled.

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