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Submitting patches

Send patches to the mailing lists below. Kalle Valo reviews the patches within the next few days and, if they are ok, commits them to ath.git.

Preferably use ath.git master branch as the baseline for patches. Other trees can be used as well, but then the chances of conflicts are higher.

You can follow the state of ath10k patch review from patchwork:*&q=ath10k

More info about submitting patches:


Guidelines for patches are:

The terminology is from

Patch flow

The ath10k patch flow is this:

As a rough estimate it takes 2-4 months for a patch to propagate from ath-next to an official Linux release.

To clarify the meaning with ath-current and ath-next let's take a concrete example: let's say that the latest release from Linux is v4.9-rc2. If a patch is applied to ath-current it will most like be in v4.9-rc4 or v4.9-rc5 (usually it takes a minimum of one week to get to Linus' tree, sometimes more). But if the patch is applied to ath-next the first release it will be in is v4.10-rc1.

See also ath10k sources and branches.